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The Team at OmniData Services Address the Question: What is an OCR Reader?

The Team at OmniData Services Address the Question: What is an OCR Reader?


The latest reader technology is designed to help computers understand document text and other visual information, so that scanning can be completed seamlessly. The OCR reader is one such technology now utilized within the leading scanning products. Within their latest article, the team at OmniData Services answers the question “What is an OCR reader?”.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) reader technology enables documents to be turned into digital files for the purposes of editing on a computer. OCR software singles out letters, words, and phrases, turning them into sentences and re-building the structure of the content bit by bit. This process is now utilized by libraries to create large online collections of their historic documents. It’s also used by financial services companies to process checks and credit card slips. Mail sorting systems also now use OCR technology to determine the intended destination of a letter and then to direct the mail to its destination.

The Benefits of OCR

A leading advantage of OCR technology is that it can help organizations consolidate the amount of physical space they need within their building by creating digital versions of documents that allow for the physical copy to be destroyed or removed. An OCR reader also allows companies to avoid the re-creation of large documents that have otherwise been lost or misplaced. The original can simply be scanned for multiple duplicates to be created with the OCR technology.

OCR is also working to help employees improve their productivity across the marketplace. In financial services companies for example, service staff no longer have to wait for a document to be sent from another branch. They can connect to the main server and then review documents that have been scanned and inputted from the original branch’s team. This process consolidates the time it takes for teams to complete transactions and supports the service process throughout the financial industry.

The team at OmniData Systems is now available to guide companies on the latest OCR reader options. To learn more on the company and their technology, call their offices now at 1 281 783-3432 or visit their business website at www.omnidatasys.net

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