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The Advantages of Thermal Printers

Companies today employ a variety of technologies to reproduce text and images on paper. One such technology is called thermal printing, which uses heat for printing on heat sensitive paper.FUNCTION OF THERMAL PRINTERSThermal printers use hot needles that leave an impression on the thermally sensitive paper. When the paper passes over the thermal print head, images or text is created [...]

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Hidden Cost of 90-Dollar Inkjet Printer

The More You Spend on a Printer, the Less Your Printing Costs Will BeIs your business struggling with ever-increasing operational costs? Your printer could be part of the problem! Not many business owners realize how a printer’s performance can affect their bottom line. Consider more than just the amount you are spending on paper and ink; include the time [...]

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Small Business Should Consider Mps

Why Your Small Business Should Consider Managed Print Services (MPS)Output Strategy = Operational Efficiency + Savings Managed print services (MPS) can help streamline operational costs while significantly improving the quality and efficiency of your business transactions. Undocumented printing expenses, especially in small companies, can send budgets into a tizzy. No matter the size of your enterprise, you can benefit from [...]

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