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What You Need to Know about the id Scan OCR ID Card Scanner

What You Need to Know about the id Scan OCR ID Card Scanner


By comparing the various systems on the marketplace today and completing an in-depth review of the latest options, you can ensure you make the right choice for your organization. Whether you’re an event security specialist or a financial services leader, OCR card scanning systems provide lasting value to your business. And so, it’s important to review the options available and make a prudent decision based on all the information available. To help guide you within this process, we’re highlighting what you need to know about the ID card scannerin this latest post.

Designed for Use Throughout the U.S.

One of the leading advantages of the [B1] OCR ID Card Scanner is that it’s designed to read driver’s licenses from all 50 states across the country. This means that travelers visiting a venue for the first time will be able to have their ID card scanned without any issue using the machine. Banks can also ensure that their customers’ identity is verified with ease, as many out-of-state customers use their IDs to cash checks and deposit money in their accounts.

Extracts Both Data and Images

Organizations are now using the OCR ID Card Scanner to be able to scan both data and images from ID cards presented to their teams. This scanning process helps minimize the time it takes to review an individual’s identity for entrance to a venue. It also works to ensure that a person using a financial service has the requisite combination of their picture and their date of birth to verify their identity with precision. This process helps protect banks against instances of fraud and streamlines service for a broad range companies.

Arranges Data Effectively

Often times, security teams and others analyzing ID cards don’t have time to review large amounts of data that have been formatted by their ID card scanner. That’s why many are now using the OCR ID Card Scanner, which has been designed to arrange all scanned data effectively into the appropriate data fields. This ensures that teams have quick access to the information for review purposes, and minimizes the need to employ administration teams to format the data manually.

By choosing the latest ID scanning technology, financial services firms and those within the security field can now mitigate instances of fraud and ID theft and safeguard their clients for the coming years. To learn more about the OCR ID Card Scanner and further options, call our experts at OmniData Services directly.

[B1]This is a competivie product, please don't use stuff like this

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